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International Student Accomodation

Written by: Balázs Viktória
Student accommodation available for 2019! Please contact the site management team for more details:
International Student Accomodation
The process of reservation

1. Send us a written reservation (

2. We confirm the availability of apartments

    -If we have available apartments, we confirm the request of reservation, inform you about the further steps, and put the reservation into our records as optional. 
If we do not have available apartments, we offer alternatives and upon request we put your request on our waiting list.

3. You transfer the deposit and the rent for the semester
     -You have to transfer the 160 000 HUF deposit and appropriate rent for the semester based on the room type.
     -Reservations are only possible for at least 1 semester.

4. We confirm receiving the transferred amount
After receiving and processing the transfer we confirm receiving the transferred amount and change the reservation from optional to guaranteed.
    -The priority of reservations is the order of receiving the transfer.

5. Arrival and moving in
   -The transferred deposit is handled as reservation deposit until you arrive, and if you do not fulfill the reservation, the reservation deposit is not refundable.
   -Upon arrival, after filling out the appropriate forms you can move in into your apartment, provided that your payment obligations have fully been met.
   -You bear the financial responsibility for all the equipments in your apartment, therefore we would like to ask you to check the room inventory list thoroughly and report all problems at the reception within 24 hours after moving in!  (we cannot accept any complaints later)
   -You have to sign the actual contract at the office within 3 days after moving in. 

1 semester contract from January to June
Room Type
1 room apt. with kitchen 161.600 HUF /month
1 room apt. with shared kitchen 148.800 HUF /month
2 room apartment (per room) 134.400 HUF /month
3 room apartment (per room) 116.800 HUF /month
Superior rooms (with Air-Conditioner)
1 room apt. with kitchen 166.600 HUF /month
1 room apt. on top floor
141.000 HUF /month
2 room apartment (per room)
139.400 HUF /month
The air-conditioner usage can and will be measured and has to be paid monthly!

Akciók, hírek

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Virtuális valóság az Agórában
Repülj szabadon vagy járd be a világot!
International Student Accomodation
Student accommodation available for 2019! Please contact the site management team for more details:


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