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Dormitory Policy

A tenant of the Student Hostel can become the person who – according to a prelimi­nary consultation – has made a contract with AUGUSZTA HOTEL ZRT., has accepted the conditions stated in the agreement, and has acknowledged them in a written declaration signed personally. Furthermore, the person has transferred the sum fixed preliminarily to the account of AUGUSZTA HOTEL ZRT., and can attest this fact by the copy of the transfer. 
  • All persons moving in are obliged to study the rules of the Student Hostel and acknowledge with their signature that they accept the conditions stated in the House Rules of the Student Hostel.

  • According to the Lease Agreement, tenants of the apartment are obliged to pay a security deposit of 160.000 HUF.

  • The apartments are allowed to be used only by the persons officially registered in the Student Hostel. Entering the Student Hostel is allowed only by producing the entering card, by which the receptionist can identify the entrant. Guests of the tenants are only allowed to stay in the apartments if they had been reported at the reception. Guests have to fill in a registration card placed at the reception if they want to spend the night in the apartment. The tenant is responsible for his/her guest (e.g. keeping the House Rules of the hostel). Guests can spend 2 nights in the apartment without any charge; if they wish to stay longer the tenant has to ask for an extra bed and has to oblige him/herself to pay the extra charge. Parking is not free of charge for unreported guests.

  • The tenants of the apartments are obliged to study and observe the fire-protection regulations, to acknowledge this fact with their signature and to report all the abnormalities to the reception without delay. The student causing the fire shall pay the resulting damages.

  • Exchanging, rearranging and altering the apartments or changing their character is possible only with the permission of the director.

  • The tenant bears financial responsibility for the instruments, pieces of equipment and furniture on the inventory list. The tenant is obliged to report on any kind of damage and failure in 24 hours immediately after moving into the room or taking a new room. Otherwise we are entitled to take into consideration the latest inventory list. The tenant is obliged to pay for the damage caused by her/him until the deadline of the next payment, in accordance with the measure of the damage caused. The list of damage costs is available at the reception.  If the damages are not paid on schedule, the contract of tenancy can be terminated. (It is the director of the Student Hostel who initiates the termination of the tenancy. Before doing so the director gives a written warning to the damaging person, and sends this warning to the tenant or to the current payer of the fee in an official letter.)  E-mails are also official letters.

  • Everybody is obliged to keep their apartment in order, and also to keep its character and cleanliness themselves. Also to live a healthy life according to hygienic demands. (e.g. taking garbage to the bins placed in the basement rather than keeping it for long time)

  • The cleaning staff cleans the apartments every week and exchanges the bed-clothes every fortnight. For this time the tenant is obliged to ensure the access to the apartment. The authorized staff does the cleaning and exchanges the bed-clothes at the previously stated times in the absence of the tenants, too. They check the proper use of the apartment and the safety and perfect condition of the objects. This does not include the tenants’ personal belongings. Towels are handled by the caretaker (information about the opening hours is available at the reception). If the student does not maintain appropriate cleanliness, extra cleaning can be charged by the director’s order.

  • According to the rules of living together tenants of the apartments must not disturb one another either in studying, or in having a rest, or in having fun. For the sake of the others no kind of loud music or other disturbing noise can filter out from 10.00pm to 6.00am. No loud music is allowed in the Fitness room. Those who break this rule despite any previous warning shall be dismissed immediately.

  • Usage of common areas for events, group meetings requires the Director's permission, keeping the rules of living together.

  • In the apartment the use of all kinds of prohibited gambling, drugs and other illegal materials is PROHIBITED. Breaking this rule results in a legal procedure and also in the termination of the tenancy contract.

  • The decoration of the apartment must not damage its original corpus and state. It is PROHIBITED to drive nails or glue thing on the walls. Other kinds of decoration can only be applied without causing harm to the walls and the furniture.

  • It is PROHIBITED to put consumer goods, instruments or any objects onto the window sills that can cause harm. It is PROHIBITED to store waste or any other material on the balcony which causes infection - due to hygienic reasons.   

  • On leaving the apartment lights must be switched off, windows must be closed, electric ovens (hot plates), electric appliances and taps must be turned off, and the apartment must be locked. Those who break this regulation will be charged extra cost and must pay the caused damage. Usage of any different calorific appliance is prohibited, including the hotplates of the oven, which are not suitable for heating and create a fire hazard! The usage of extra cooling and heating devices entails extra charges, as determined by the Director.

  • For hygienic reasons no live animals are allowed on the territory of the Clinics.

  • The students have to collect their garbage selectively (plastic, glass, paper) in the room’s containers. If somebody deny, the Hotel Auguszta can forward a fine to the tenant, who actually live in that apartment.

  • The entering cards must not be handled over to strangers. Only tenants are entitled to use them.

  • The telephone at the reception is not available for tenants except in emergency. Only the staff is allowed to use it.

  • In extraordinary cases the director may enter the apartments or give permission to open the apartments.

  • Using the common facilities (fitness room and the sauna) the user has to report it at the reception, where the receptionist takes the registration and gives out the key, then the service can be taken. The user takes responsibility for the state of the instruments, machines, and rooms. These services are taken at the users own responsibility.

  • The receptionist is obliged to give out the key of the apartment only to the tenant. In other cases the tenant may apply for permission so that others, named in the letter can enter the apartment. This letter must be handled to the receptionist then the director gives the permission. If the entering card gets lost, it must be reported at the reception. The owner must pay the price of the old and the new card, too. Using the emergency openers is only possible in justified cases. Otherwise a fine will be charged.

  • The director calls to account the students disturbing the order of the hostel, and informs the tenant and the current payer of the rental fee about further measures in a written form. The director calls those breaking the House rule on leaving the apartment immediately.  

  • The management takes responsibility for the valuables placed in the apartments according to the Civil Code of Law. After the tenant moves out of the apartment, the hostel does not take the responsibility for the personal articles left in the apartment.  The hostel takes the responsibility for the packages and articles officially placed in the storage room only for 6 months.  After this period the tenant may not have any demands.  The hostel does not take the responsibility for the bicycles left at the bicycle storage either (except for the closed bicycle storages).
    We would like to call it to the attention of our tenants, that we can only bear the responsibility for unreported valuables kept in the safebox which is located at the reception.  
    (We ask our tenants to make their own insurance for their laptops and other expensive valuables)

  • The tenants are obliged to take their mails from the reception every week. (They are also obliged to provide their e-mail addresses and check their e-mails every week.)

  • The tenant with 10 months contract has the opportunity to have a preferential monthly fee with a reduction of 15 000 HUF once a year in January in case the tenant is leaving the room for at least a month. The reduction can only be validated for the month of January and the monthly fee needs to be paid in advance, before the tenant leaves.  Reductions are only available when the tenant registers and signs the appropriate form, has an inventory check at the room and leaves the keys at the reception. (The reduction is only valid, when the tenant is able to prove by signature and date on the appropriate form the leaving and the reclaiming of the key at the reception.)  Because of the thorough cleaning the room must be available for cleaning. Valuables should not be left in the room.

  • Before moving out, the apartment has to be in a clean state. By checking the room inventory and signing the inventory list, the tenant verifies that there is no loss on the list. (otherwise the value of the missing items may be deducted from the deposit). After the caretaker had done the room inventory, the tenant cannot use the room. The tenant is obliged to go to the reception with their private belongings and with the signed inventory list to settle all of the invoices. In case of necessity the belongings can be kept at the reception. The reception can keep the bags, personal things and belongings for 12 hours. If the tenant is not able to leave the room until 14 o’clock, according to the rules (s)he is obliged to pay daily price. The caretaker has to do the room inventory again. If the caretaker or the tenant failed to write down the room inventory it is not possible to give back the deposit. In case the student will come back, the personal belongings can be placed in the storage room for a certain fee. The packages must be taken to the storage room by the student.

  • The usage of the air-conditioner is subject to charges. The remote control could be picked up at the Reception.

  • The tenant must pay the rent in advance and other debts (e.g. phone bill, air-conditioner usage) until the last week of the previous month. In case the settling of the payments does not happen in due time, the Hostel may inform the parents of the tenant, may deduct it from the deposit and may ask the tenant to leave the Hostel.
    Terminating the contract before its date of expiry means that the security deposit is handled as reservation deposit, which belongs to the Hostel, on the basis that the Occupant has reserved an apartment that cannot be realized during the school term.

  • Moving out is only possible on weekdays, between 9.00 am and 15.00 pm. If the tenant desires to move out at a different time, (s)he still needs to settle his/her payments during office hours, and has the opportunity to stay with a daily price. (the daily price needs to be paid in advance).

  • For any other kind of information, please contact the office (extension 158).

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